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NEUROCALM YOGA   focuses on the release and alleviation of tension, stress, or anxiety. It involves techniques and strategies designed to promote a sense of calmness, relaxation, and tranquility within the nervous system. Through targeted approaches, such as mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, therapeutic tremoring and physical exercises,

NEUROCALM YOGA   may assist as a tool for individuals in managing daily stressors, reducing tension, and fostering a sense of inner peace and serenity. 


NEUROCALM YOGA   is a method to support the body in letting go of stress, tension and deeply rooted muscle patterns associated with stress, tension, and trauma.

Natural Instinct

NEUROCALM YOGA    is based on ancient techniques from disciplines such as Qigong and Yoga, These techniques are supported by scientific research, which shows that stress is both psychological and physical in nature.


The technique helps calm the nervous system, allowing the body to return to its natural state of relaxation and balance.


NEUROCALM YOGA   contributes to achieving emotional balance, reducing stress, trauma, and headaches, improves sleep,


Fight, Flight, Freeze

Fight, Flight, Freeze

When we detect danger, we enter a survival mode where the fight or flight response is activated. If we

are unable to flee, we enter a state of paralysis. Our nervous system becomes overwhelmed, preventing us from completing our physical instincts.

Trauma is not only stored in the brain but also in the body's memory, affecting the body as well. Even though the danger has passed, tension remains in the body. By objectively observing our natural body reflexes, we can regain a sense of safety in our bodies.

reduces anxiety, and alleviates chronic conditions.


Discover how holistic approaches, including sleep yoga and scientific interventions, can significantly improve sleep quality. Understand the critical role of sleep in health and explore practical solutions for a better night's rest or to supercharge

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It appears there is more need than just the conventional way of processing situations through cognition. By experiencing, one can gain awareness/insight into oneself and situations. This is experiential rather than intellectual.Intellectual training focuses on knowledge transfer through theories, while experiential training emphasizes learning through practical experience. This methodology allows you to get to know yourself and what happens in your body and mind on a deeper level. It's not just about listening and taking notes; it's about experiencing, feeling, and doing, which brings about change.


Neurocalm training Institute offers Experiential Trainings focused on  creating more awareness  on body and mind, the release and alleviation of tension, stress, and anxiety . Courses integrate principles of amongst others mindfulness and yoga therapy.These trainings are designed for all interested individuals, for Yoga Therapy trainees, yoga teachers looking to deepen their understanding of Yoga Therapy, and healthcare professionals — including medical doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, and coaches — who seek a multidisciplinary approach to therapy.

Read about the latest science and research


Dr. Joy Ismael

PhD. Neurobiologist and Researcher

Dr. Joy Ismail is a neurobiologist, researcher, and science writer with a PhD in Biomedical Sciences. Her research focuses on epigenetic changes in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. She is passionate about health and has a background in nutrition. She is interested in the positive effects of diet, exercise, and meditation on mental and physical health. 

Dr. Michele di Ponzio 

Neurosciences and Clinical Neuropsychology

Dr. Di Ponzio is a psychologist, neuroscientist and researcher, with a specialization in Biomedical Sciences and Neurorehabilitation. His research focuses on neuromodulation and neuroplasticity. He is passionate about health and sport. Indeed, he is also a tennis coach. His interests span from philosophy, literature to benefits of exercise, and meditation on mental and physical health.

The Brain-Body Connection: Evidence-Based Strategies for Stress and Trauma Relief"

Shima - Founder 'Neurocalm Yoga'

This article highlights the importance of understanding the mind-body connection, the impact of body memory on trauma, and the efficacy of engaging directly with one's own experiences to achieve clarity and mental peace.

Automatic and voluntary processes in our body: Thinking

Shima - Founder 'Neurocalm Yoga'

This article explores the dynamics between automatic and voluntary processes in our cognition and physiology, drawing from Daniel Kahneman's theories and Buddhist mindfulness practices


focusses on creating more

awareness of body and mind and

releasing tension and stress



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Cancer patients, Directors, Managers, Entrepreneurs, Students, People with Burnout, Insomnia, Teachers, Mothers, Therapists, Psychologists and more 

More clarity 


More body/mind awareness

8 out of 10 people noticed better sleep


                                                 ALSO REPORTED                                   

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The combination of the modalities are like magic! Very therapeutic, lot’s of stress release with calmness and energy in a grounded way as a result. Perfectly guided, thank you Shima! 

Art director


I'm very happy with this session. Was not sure what to expect but could not believe how relaxed calm I felt afterwards. My body felt very rejuvenated afterwards.

Hypno Therapist


This was such an interesting, nourishing and deeply relaxing session. I felt amazingly calm afterwards and excited about learning something new that I believe can be extremely beneficial.

Behavioral scientist/Therapist


I really enjoyed the sessions. Shima is an experienced teacher and I was very happy with her ability to explain the purpose of the practice and provide alternatives when exercises where not fitting because of physical limitations



I was positively surprised about the session. The breathing exercises was quite intense but it felt like letting everything go. I noticed that I used a lot of energy during the session but I did feel more balanced afterwards

University teacher


Amazing session, very well-guided and prepared. Sensation after the session was amazing. Totally recommended.



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