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Shima is a globally registered mediator for relational conflicts, a trainer, yoga therapist and a practitioner specializing in tension, stress, and trauma release. She is the designer of the Clarity-Deck®, a tool used by mediators to help create emotional awareness and connection among people.

She created NEUROCALM YOGA®, a practice consisting of several integrative mind-body disciplines that help relax the nervous system and release muscular tension.

She has worked with private clients and groups, leading programs in the Netherlands, where she opened a studio. Additionally, she provides sessions in Portugal. Shima has previously worked in several industries in the Netherlands and abroad, including textile and fashion. She set up an interior company and apart from this, managed and led projects and teams for governments and companies."

She has a degree in technical commercial confectionery sciences (Ing.) and has completed advanced training in meditation, trauma tension release, yoga, systemic coaching, and more.

Shima has been a Vipassana meditation practitioner since 2014, following the traditional method and attending several yearly retreats lasting between 10 to 50 days. This practice forms the foundation of her work.

One of her greatest passions lies in helping people create awareness and understand how their body and nervous system experience trauma, tension, and stress, and how they can develop a co-creative relationship with their body's innate wisdom to rebalance and release."



University of applied sciences: Technical commercial confectionary sciences ( Bachelor / Ing.) --NVC / Non Violent Communication -- 

Compassion training / Stanford University -- Certified Culture designer / Fearless Culture  -- Certified & Registered mediator --

Yoga alliance certified yoga teacher  -- Yoga Therapist -- Certified breathwork teacher -- Certified TRE provider -- Certified Systemic coach

Since 2014 vipassana meditation training (concluded 3000+ hours of formal training) -- Buddhist studies, buddhist psychology: assistant to the teacher for 2 years -- Certified NLP practitioner  -- Certified (CBT) Cognitive behavior practitioner -- Certified EMDR facilitator  --  Certified Trauma informed coach --  Certified MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy) practitioner

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