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University teacher


Amazing session, very well-guided and prepared. Sensation after the session was amazing. Totally recommended.



The combination of the modalities are like magic! Very therapeutic, lot’s of stress release with calmness and energy in a grounded way as a result. Perfectly guided, thank you Shima! 

Hypno Therapist


This was such an interesting, nourishing and deeply relaxing session. I felt amazingly calm afterwards and excited about learning something new that I believe can be extremely beneficial.

Behavioral scientist/Therapist


I really enjoyed the sessions. Shima is an experienced teacher and I was very happy with her ability to explain the purpose of the practice and provide alternatives when exercises where not fitting because of physical limitations

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I was positively surprised about the session. The breathing exercises was quite intense but it felt like letting everything go. I noticed that I used a lot of energy during the session but I did feel more balanced afterwards

Marketing Manager

Joris B.

It was about time to discover and understand my mind and body. Very promising first two sessions working on an array of critical personal skills. Fastest and most enjoyable way to improve my insomnia after years of trying out every options (acupuncture, therapy, chiropractor, cbd, natural pills etc) 



It was a great experience! the sessions made me feel more relaxed and calm. 

Senior Editor

Andi Ling

At first I was skeptical, as this is new to me, but having tried it a few times it is growing on me especially since I can sleep deeply after each session. I am open to exploring more and taking the time for the sessions to achieve its effect, just like how mindfulness took years for me to realize and appreciate. Shima is very patient and knowledgeable in this area and a helpful facilitator who makes you feel comfortable to do as much or as little as you are ready for in the sessions. I am excited to see where this journey brings me. -  Senior Editor

Managing Director


I was completely blank about what to expect. The immediate positive effect of the exercises surprised me.





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Age: 79

Els Louwinger

It was a wonderful experience... My body felt great. Tremoring feels very good. Shima gives exactly enough instructions/help. After this, I slept well and long for 2 uninterrupted nights. Which is unusual for me. 



I really loved this session, Shima has a great loving energy, professional but also personal and making everybody feel at ease, so you can just be present in the moment and let it in without being self conscious in any way. It is intense but calming at the same time. Certainly worth a try if you are experiencing stress...!

Cybersecurity Analist


It was an amazing experience felt like I was genuinely uplifted.

Art Director


I'm very happy with this session. Was not sure what to expect but could not believe how relaxed calm I felt afterwards. My body felt very rejuvenated afterwards.



It was a great experience that helped me release some bottled up sorrow after which I've been feeling very relieved. I feel like something has really changed in the way I react to challenging situations. 

Shima is a very kind and competent professional who is able to make you feel relaxed and accepted and creates an environment where everyone can feel safe to express him or herself as one is. I feel very thankful to have followed this training and would recommend it to anyone who feels they need to release tension, stress and even trauma.

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"Shima has a pleasant and beautiful energy. She explains things well and guides you effectively. It was a remarkable experience."  


Caroline & Mark

"We truly enjoyed the session with you. As you shared your personal experiences, it was evident how genuinely dedicated you are to self-discovery. Your authenticity shone through, distinguishing you from the superficial personal trends we sometimes see. Your approach was heartfelt, and you guided and supported the group with respect and understanding. The session was thoughtfully curated and well-balanced, ensuring its effectiveness. As fellow teachers in this field, we were to enjoy you and your gifts very much.



I'm very happy with this workshop. Was not sure what to expect with the tremors but could not believe how natural it was and how relaxed calm I felt afterwards. Along with the breath work and meditation my body felt very rejuvenated afterwards.

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